We are looking for in our team representatives of the company

In establishing partnerships, we follow the principle that any long-term cooperation relies foremost on mutual trust and benefits on both sides (win-win). INFRAFOX grants its authorised representative the right to represent the company legally in his or her local market. For each project won, INFRAFOX pays out bonuses, the amount of which depends on the volume and profitability of the project won.

Suitable representative:

  • Knows the local construction market well
  • Understands and knows the local legislation and quality requirements very well
  • Has a degree in engineering and long-term work experience in the construction sector
  • Is honest and loyal
  • Is ambitious and works determinedly with the business interests of INFRAFOX in sight

INFRAFOX offers:

  • Technical, market-based and legal support for representing the company on the local market
  • Respectable remuneration for each project won

Undertakings of the representative:

  • Legally represent INFRAFOX on the local market
  • Actively look for construction procurements and perform market analysis
  • Continuously give feedback on the local market situation
  • Help INFRAFOX team with questions regarding local legislation and quality regulations

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at